All State Gutters & Roofing offers the best solutions in gutter protection in NJ by providing several different products to keep your gutters and downspouts free of clogs and debris. There is no such thing as maintenance free gutters, however, gutter guards are a good investment because they help keep your rain gutters clean and flowing freely.


These rust-resistant screens, often commonly referred to as gutter guards or leaf guards, screwed on to the existing gutter's outer lip and arch over, placed under the first layer asphalt shingle roof. Debris falling down the roof collects top of the screens. When water runs down the shingles, it flows through the collected debris and strains down through the screen. These screens can't keep everything out, and small things may still get through, however most of the debris will be blocked. These screens prolong the average gutter cleaning by six months to a full year (depending on how many trees surround the home). There is no guarantee of exactly how much will be kept out of the gutter and for how long since every customer's home and tree situation is different. In addition to regular screens for aluminum or galvanized gutter systems, we install half-round copper screens for copper gutters.


This strainer is mushroom shaped and goes on the top of the downspout. The globe screen prevents debris from going into the downspout and eventually clogging your underground drains.