Some homeowners would like gutters that are more customized to suit their homes and are interested in something more stylish and visually appealing. An alternative to the standard k-style gutters is half-round gutters. Materials for half round gutters include aluminum, copper, and galvanized or zinc-coated metal Half round gutters were widely used in Europe and on historical homes here in the states. There are advantages to choosing half-round gutters for your home. If you have an older home the gutters will suit the exterior of your home and will be the perfect highlight. They are also easier to keep clean since debris is less likely to get caught as waterborne debris flows through the gutters. There will be less clogging and you will need to clean them out less frequently. Half round gutters are more expensive than other styles, however, because they are not as readily available. And they require specialty parts like threaded rods and hanger brackets to install. They are also heavier than K-style gutters.